5 Easy Steps to Successfully Promote Your Website

How to promote your website these days is very important. There is so much competition and noise on the internet that somehow you need to get through it. First off all you can with do you own web design or hire a web designer.
Which ever you choice you choose, its up to you. So lets get to action!

What do you want to Promote?
What are you trying to promote? You own website or an external website such as on social media? To be honest its best to have you own website and that is your own product so lets go through some basic steps.

1. Choosing a Domain Name
You need your own web address, a place your call home. When people contact you they know its your branding and they will come there to get original information or services.
Note if your using external websites they can change services and you may loose information so its best to have your own domain name. There are many cheap domain name services only. The following are websites that are useful:

2. Best Content Management System (CMS)
There are many content management systems online like wordpress, drupal. The best and easiest to use is WordPress. You can use free templates to make your website or buy ready made ones and add you information. In addition there are many plugin that you can use to enhance your website. These plugins can be used for promoting your website.

3. Email Newsletter
With the amount of competition online, it takes alot of work to get visitors to your website. They can come naturally via organic search engine optimisation techniques which you can apply to your website or simply you can advertise on other websites like on the Google Search Engine or place adverts on social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or whichever which website you think fits with the content or products you want to promote.
Your can send the emailed newsletter weekly or even monthly to you users / customers. This is useful so you can have direct contact with them and let them know what you / company is doing.

4. Advertise on the Internet or Offline
One of the simple methods to promote your website is to pay for advertising. Of course you need a budget and you need to make sure its worth it. Best approach is to give yourself a budget and then try various websites like adverting on search engines, on individual websites or on social media websites. Trial and error is the best approach. If you find one method is working. If you don’t see go results try another method. Don’t waste your money or time, check to see what is successful. If you results are satisfying do more research or find a web designer or website design company that could either advise or you could use their services

5. Content Marketing
To make a personal website or business online you need to publish content on your website weekly at least one or two times. Even better its best to do it daily. Why? Using organic search engine optimisation techniques, users can find you via search when they look up topics online.
Yes there is a lot of competition online and the only way to move forward is to write fantastic articles with beautiful and useful photos / pictures to illustrate or enhance the content of the page or website. You simply can’t make a few pages and get instant results. It doesn’t work like that because there is a lot of competition online, plus you need enough content that has the right amount of keywords to find you. You need to be the best in your niche.
The content can also include video and you can add your videos to your own page and to the original web video hosting site like Youtube.

5. Social Media
Once you have content, post it on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. Also look at websites like Tumblr or social bookmarking websites like Reddit and Stumbleupon.
There are so many ways to promote your website. Remember: research is the key. There is no short cut. If you haven’t got the time or energy, we can design fantastic Worpress Websites and we can organise the web hosting and setting up the WordPress templates and help you with the WordPress plugins. Think about!

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